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Just £25 per month


No Joining Fee... No Hassle


Just £5 per session

Now Open

Owners Paul Armstrong and Tom Gold have opened a brand new and unique gym in Alcester, near Stratford upon Avon. Our aim is to create a training environment for members who are serious about their health and fitness. Everything in our gym is there because we believe it will help you lose weight, get fitter, faster and stronger. Personal training, group training and fitness classes will be available in the gym.


Our Gym

Having been members of large, commercial gyms in the past we realised that workouts can get pretty boring. Not good for your fitness goals! Our gym is unique because when you join the club you can train with olympic weights, tractor tyres, sand bags, kettle bells, TRXs, cable crossovers, treadmills and squat machines. Every member will get a FREE session from one of our Personal Trainers. This way you can try out all of our equipment under proper supervision.

We GUARANTEE no more boring gym sessions!!

We have NO long contracts so you can come as you please, with no commitment.


Training Zones

  With No fancy spa facilities, No swimming pool or jacuzzi, Strongarms is a no nonsense gym that is full of training equipment to help you blast your body into shape. It is clean, has a changing area, a shower area and 2000 square feet of gym equipment, which we believe will improve your health and strength like no other gym in the area. At reception we sell pre-workout drinks, protein shakes, water, soft drinks and tea or coffee. Lockers are provided for members.